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How Jemma Russo Came To Be

How Jemma Russo Came To Be

JEMMA RUSSO isn’t just any type of women’s clothing. It’s made from high-quality cotton and fabrics and each piece is designed with care and great attention to detail. It wasn’t easy becoming a business owner and clothing designer, but here I am today to tell my story of making my dream come true.

Where I Found My Inspiration

There were struggles along the way as I began to take an interest in clothing and design and decided I wanted to become a business owner. As a child, I always had an eye and appreciation for beautiful clothes. I even designed my own prom dress, which was a fun but challenging task. I picked out the material and created the design and had the seamstress make it. 

My passion for fashion only grew from this moment on. However, I never thought it would happen and that I’d be telling my story about how I found my inspiration to launch my own business and clothing line.

Our Mission

I run my company based on a specific set of goals and values. My creations are exquisitely designed, elegant, sophisticated, and made to fit comfortably on the body of on-the-go women. This holds true no matter your age or size.

 At  JEMMA RUSSO, we take pride in offering excellent and high-quality products and clothing. The quality of clothing I create is made with one of the best cottons in the world and manufactured by top-notch creators.

My mission is to empower women and make them feel comfortable, confident, and stylish! I hope you enjoy shopping around my site and looking over my variety of collections here at Jemma Russo.

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